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The most trusted, impact led PR agency telling stories for 100,000 businesses to launch them from a local to a global stage.

C Credibility – Creating real opportunities for companies of all sizes
O – Openness – Promoting honest dialogue and transparency
N – Nurture – Optimising PR strategies as your company grows
N – Narrative – Releasing the right stories to inspire your audience
E – Exposure – Amplifying your news on a bigger stage
C – Collaborations – Finding the best partnerships to elevate your potential
T – Trust – Keeping your best interests at heart
At Sycamore our aim is to be an extension of the client, and we help to raise your profile accordingly. Leading with the heart, we’ll use our PR tools to either launch your business or communicate your successes to date.

Discover our journey

How Sycamore grew

Since graduating from Cardiff University with a degree in English language and linguistics, Sycamore’s CEO, Hannah Viney, has amassed over 12 years’ experience working with high-end event venues, start-ups through to multi-million pound enterprises – from promoting the re-opening of Natural History Museum’s Hintze Hall with Hope the Blue Whale to the historic return of Elton John performing at Longleat Safari Park. Hannah has expertise in all manner of comms from SEO, Social, Email, Press to fully co-ordinated communications.
When Hannah was five she lost her sister to a terminal degenerative illness, which lead to her developing a lasting strength in empathy for others. Hannah wears her heart on her sleeve and uses this positively in business to promote transparency. This is why Sycamore are known for showcasing honesty and compassion rather than using lies, manipulation and sensational stories!
Since starting Sycamore, almost five years ago, Hannah has been particularly drawn to working with individual clients and businesses who are fuelled by a strong ‘why’ and are on a mission to use their platform to help others. For this reason we balance our regular work by supporting worthy causes with regular pro bono work.

Launch PR

If it’s launch PR that you need, Sycamore will enable you to announce your new business in the most effective way. If you are already in business we’ll give you the inside track on raising your company’s profile. The great news is that whatever the stage of your business’ growth, PR is a smart strategy to get seen and heard by the right audience and take your business to the next level.

How we will help you flourish

Sycamore helps your company to grow using PR as a viable alternative to other marketing methods.
We do our best work addressing a lack of personal or corporate exposure for you or your business (or both). Maybe you’ve never done any PR before, but you have been working hard and you haven’t been getting the recognition your efforts deserve.
We take extra care to look after clients who have never tried PR before and everything about our approach is supportive of your growth. Even our pricing structure offers packages (including ‘Start up Star’ for launch PR) to help you get on the PR ladder and make the next step accessible.
Raising your profile not only improves your credibility in the marketplace but it establishes your company above the competitors. This can translate into financial flexibility for you, improvement in work/life balance, or even more time for you to spend on the business.
So, tap into our experience as PR consultants and start to feel the benefits!
By creating the right opportunities, Sycamore can help you too to leverage PR to fulfil your specific business goals. Get in touch today.

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Sycamore Communications can offer your business unique PR opportunities for launch or growth, enabling you to build up a flourishing reputation that precedes you when you enter a room. Get in touch today.

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