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Sycamore rewards incentive scheme

Introducing SycaMORE REWARDS...

We are excited to introduce our new referral incentive scheme to reward our valued clients and connections for recommending our services to their networks. By participating in this program, you not only help us expand our client base but also earn enticing rewards for our contribution.

how does it work?

1) Identify Potential PR Referrals

2) Recommend Our Services

3) Inform Us of Referal Business and Details

4) Receive Referral Confirmation from Us

5) Enjoy Your Reward When Client Joins Us

Successful Referral Criteria:

New Business: A successful referral is counted when the referred individual, business, or organisation signs a contract with our agency for a minimum duration of 12 months and pays the first three months upfront.

SycamoreRewardsRewards 24
SycamoreRewardsRewards 24 (1)

What Are the SycaMORE REWARDS?

for Our
Existing Clients...

- Refer a Local Legend or Podcast Production client for 10% off retainer for three months or £100 cash

- Refer a Media Master client for 15% off retainer for three months or £175 cash

- Refer an International Icon client for 20% off retainer for three months or £250 cash

For our

- £100 cash for referring a Local Legend or Podcast Production client

- £175 cash for referring a Media Master client

- £250 cash for referring an International Icon client

SycamoreRewardsRewards 34

Program T&Cs

This referral incentive scheme will be ongoing, starting from July 2023 until further notice. We may review and update the program periodically to ensure its effectiveness.

Program Exclusions:
a. Referrals regarding existing clients who are already engaged in active retainers, projects or ongoing discussions with our agency will not be considered for this program.
b. Referrals from individuals or organisations who have previously engaged our services in the past will also be excluded.

We truly appreciate your support in helping us grow. If you have any questions or need further information, please contact us today.
Thank you for being a trusted advocate for Sycamore Communications!



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