Sycamore Journey:

The four step process from
local to global.

The four step process from local to global.

Sycamore as an extension of your existing team

Whether you need PR to help you as you launch out, or you need to raise awareness of your business successes to date, we'll take you on a PR journey and build your confidence as you grow steadily and brand exposure improves incrementally.

We get to know your business goals and more specifically, your goals for the coming year. Are you looking to launch a product? Or push your personal brand? We'll identify how your specific goals can be achieved, whether it's through the local press, speaking events or indeed whichever PR opportunities best support your objectives.

Sycamore's services will give your company access to national PR databases, the benefits of our trade connections, both at regional and national level, and broadcast contacts. We have a level of package to suit your needs and a network of partners to whom we can refer you for peripheral services if required.

PR Tools for growth

If you have yet to discover the benefits of using PR tools we'll analyse the way in which your brand is currently being presented across all touchpoints and proactively research wider strategies.

Maybe you need help to navigate out of the place in which you find yourself. We can address the necessary changes and help your company gain consistency and clarity of mesasage (such as social media and being consistent with colours, font and tone).

Sycamore Communications has four retainer PR packages to help you grow steadily, and with PR, the longer the commitment, the better the results.


Sycamore Packages

SycamoreJourneyStartup Star


Start Up Star

Step into the arena of PR for the first time with our entry level product, giving you the opportunity to understand and explore opportunities for growth.
We’ll help you to harness the power of your story and share it with an audience that you thought was out of your reach.

Start Up Star Includes

  • Initial PR audit
  • Creation of a tailored PR strategy
  • Provision of a written asset a month, for example:
  • Business Story for your website
  • Senior Management, Author or Speaker Bios
  • A press release news announcement
  • Creation of a tailored media list to support press release send-out
  • Send out one press release a month
SycamoreJourneyLocal Legend


Local Legend

You’re looking to gain traction to free yourself up and be able to staff growth, you just need to find a way to get the company the exposure it deserves. As your PR team, we’ll walk with you every step of the way.

Local Legend includes all above, plus...

  • Inclusion of ‘Proactive PR’ (drafting of multiple press releases, pitched by Sycamore Communications to extensive regional print and online press contacts)
  • Engagement with local publications to pitch features and business profiles
  • Fortnightly Zoom calls
  • Accountability and Activity Updates
SycamoreJourneyMedia Master


Media Master

This package is for those companies who are already enjoying the benefits of a PR strategy and are now looking for support to increase exposure by raising their profile in specific areas. This package is not usually appropriate for startups.

Media Master includes all above, plus...

  • Proactive pitching to national journalists, not just regional contacts.
  • Inclusion of Reactive PR: Access to a database of daily journalist enquiries requiring expert comments from your sector
  • Weekly Zoom call

Podcast Production

– A checklist on how to set up a podcast for the first time and every consideration for a new client (where to register for a podcast host, graphics, etc)
– Creation of podcast logo / visual identity
– Raw audio editing (e.g. removing fillers such as uhms and ahs, errors, basically anything unpleasant. Then process the audio so its broadcast quality)
– Creation of show notes and transcripts of each episode
SycamoreJourneyInternaltional Icon


International Icon

This package offers you PR to maximise every opportunity and capture the imagination of your audience. We’ll make sure that your message is clearly heard through the best channels.

International Icon includes all above, plus...

  • Proactive pitching to broadcast outlets, not just online and print publications.
  • Pitching for speaking opportunities – events, exhibitions and podcast opportunities
  • Inclusion of draft award submission entries
  • Influencer partnerships
  • In-person event and exhibition support from the Sycamore team.

– Creation of podcast videos, both long form and short form. (Long form is the whole episode to be published on Youtube. Short forms to be used on IG reels, TikToks and Youtube shorts)

– Creation of jingles / intro music and editing into the audio recordings

– Publish episodes onto hosting platforms (such as Libsyn, Buzzsprout and further syndication to Spotify / Apple Podcasts)
– Management of guest sourcing and booking process

Have something
else in mind?

For stand alone projects and ad hoc tasks we charge a daily rate. Prices for this kind of service will be given in the discovery call.

How we'll help along the journey

We’ll work with you on your current goals and make sure that you fully understand the PR strategy that we are taking. As we continually pitch with publications, our relationships enable us to find the right strategy for your business. We’ll also work with you to ensure you capitalise on the increase of data.

Sycamore Communications will take you through every step of the process as an experienced partner, with regular check-ins to match the strategy and PR tools with your business goals as they change. We’ll be on hand to support you as your good news breaks and you start to become well known.

What does the journey look like for you? We will run you through how we work in our discovery call. Get in touch today.

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Sycamore Communications can offer your business unique PR opportunities for launch or growth, enabling you to build up a flourishing reputation that precedes you when you enter a room. Get in touch today.

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