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Our team can turn a reaction into traction. Coming soon as a service

We are on hand and available 24-7 for anyone who finds themselves at the heart of a media maelstrom. We’ll be on hand with 24 hour support until the crisis has been resolved.
It’s hard to know what to do in a difficult public relations event, but taking the wrong approach can be extremely harmful to your brand or your image.
PR Now is the service to cover you should a crisis arise and you need an immediate PR response, whether it’s dealing with data theft, cyber-crime or internal malpractice, you can pick up the phone and access immediate help from our PR experts at Sycamore. We’ll devise a swift and effective crisis management strategy for your specific situation and extricate you from it with a minimum of damage done.
PR Now also covers our preventative service where we can put contingency materials in place in case something breaks. We’ll help you to decide on appropriate strategies for the business to take in the event of a crisis occurring.

PR in a crisis - Reactive Strategy

It is important to realise that a PR crisis will threaten your brand reputation and it can (and does) happen to anyone. Our experts at Sycamore are CIPR qualified and able to offer an instant response in this arena. We can give you the best ways to acknowledge the issue, and then respond sincerely.

PR for a crisis that has yet to take place - Proactive Strategy

It's a good idea for businesses to have PR crisis spokespeople and a plan in place, considering how swiftly bad news can travel these days via social media. You may remember how Taco Bell, the US fast food outlet, underestimated the power of social media when a video was posted of an employee threatening to call the police as a deaf man tried to order food at a drive-thru. The video and its shares received nearly 2M views and a whole lot of negativity towards the brand.

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We'll conduct an audit of

  • Potential pain points
  • Internal Comms – We’ll provide the protocols, what to say and not to say
  • Strategy – to include a named media liaison representative and a timeframe for speaking as well as draft quotes etc.
  • Business positioning
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At a time of controversy, you have to ensure that the right people are speaking on behalf of your company. Reacting fast and speaking with one voice is of paramount importance. Sycamore can help you to prepare your in-house professionals and offer expertise from a journalistic perspective.

Call our rapid response number for a discreet conversation, phone or face to face.

We’ll provide 24-7 support until the crisis is resolved. Alternatively, get in touch today to put a contingency plan in place.



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