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Reach Out, Branch Out

Sycamore Communications connects the dots, interconnecting people and businesses to generate new partnerships and collaborations via online community and PR Events. It’s our job to stay in step with editors and freelancers but by joining our LinkedIn/WhatsApp group of leaders you can put yourself in touch with other businesses who are seeking to make an impact using PR.

Navigating the pressures of running a growing business, it can at times feel lonely at the top. However, when you find your tribe, you can enjoy the view together.

PR Events Together

So, don’t put up with doing life alone, join our community and connect with other like minded leaders to share and collaborate. Gain insights, confidence and understanding and learn how to deal with all the new found attention. Let’s do the PR journey together!

Sycamore Community is basically an online community joining business owners with freelancer writers and journalists who are looking for stories. Intermingling generates opportunities and connections, making the group a win win for everyone!

Sycamore Community is a place where it’s ok to be open about your success but at the same time to encourage others, give back and be proactive rather than just spectating. Although as a general rule we keep self promotion to a minimum, we’ll certainly be making dedicated slots available for shameless plugs!

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Harpreet Kaur – The Apprentice

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Mark Wright – The Apprentice

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Piers Linney – Dragon’s Den

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Sarah Willingham – Dragon’s Den

Joining this group is by invitation only for clients of Sycamore.

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