FAQS for Sycamore Communications

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Will you take on any company as a client?

No. We only take one client per sector, per industry. The reason for this is so that we won’t put our clients in competition against each other and this approach is designed to maximise results for each client.

How much does PR cost?

We want our prices to be accessible to everyone so we have a range of payment plans which can be paid monthly, quarterly, or on a bi-annual or annual basis. There is also a 5%, 10% or 15% discount available depending on which method of payment you choose.

What is the minimum length of contract?

We only sign clients up for a twelve month contract as this works out at the best value. We’ll do all the pitching upfront and you may get results that land within the first couple of weeks, but equally your news might not be what the editor is looking for until a couple of months later. This approach ensures that the client won’t lose out on all the value of the pitching work and then losing out on our support when it lands if it’s a couple of months later.

How much of my time will it take?

Some opportunities will require you to be responsive and work with us quickly to jump on chances, particularly when we are working with national media. We will help you through the process but we do need some of your time.

Do we share press contacts?

No. Our black book of journalists has been built up over time, we build rapport and that’s what the client is paying for as part of our service and our expertise. We also pay into Vuelio, a PR database of UK journalists’ contact details on behalf of the client but it’s not common practice to give away your entire address book to a client.

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