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We have relaunched our company in order to highlight the reason why we exist: To obtain press coverage, opportunities and collaborations that add value and support clients’ objectives.

We take great pleasure in welcoming you to our brand new Sycamore website and hope that you can easily find the help that you need here.

At Sycamore we are passionate about PR. Our aim is to be the most trusted, impact led PR agency telling stories for 100,000 businesses to launch them from a local to a global stage.

Our new website offers a lot of free information and entry points into the world of PR, including a free PR audit for business owners to identify where they want their businesses to be, identify any negative press that might need fixing and gauge how visible the business is currently.

As a PR agency we offer a high level of service that includes digital marketing, email, comms, the full works, across the UK, over the phone, in person (in London and the surrounding area) and via video conferencing.

We are particularly passionate about taking on candidates who are on the cusp of something really big and exciting and we take our role very seriously as the catalyst who can help them break onto a new level. We are also very interested in businesses who are doing incredible things for other people. At Sycamore we work hard and we know that good PR is a blend of getting lucky with your pitching and being determined and persistent until that coverage lands.

We will tailor our strategy with your needs. We’ll get to know your goals and more specifically, your goals for the coming year. Are you looking to launch a product? Push your personal brand? We’ll identify how it can be achieved, whether through the local press, speaking events or whichever PR opportunities best support your objectives and then we’ll go for it! For more information about our services please visit our Journey page.

We are really excited about our fresh launch and we’d like to thank you for visiting our site. If you need to discuss your business goals and objectives please do not hesitate to get in touch.



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